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Setup SFTP server using AWS Transfer

AWS Transfer is a fully managed SFTP service. AWS Transfer can be integrated with existing authentication protocols such as LDAP etc. Following are the steps to start basic sftp server: Users will need to connect to sftp server using private key. If you do not already have key, then generate one. On windows, you can generate public-private key pair using PuTTYgen. Save the private key once pair is generated. No need to save public key as it can be generated anytime using Private Key. Log into AWS and create S3 Bucket. Sftp server will be mapped on this bucket. Using IAM, Create Role which will be used by AWS Transfer service to publish logs. Select ‘Transfer’ as AWS Service which will use this role. Attach following two policies to role. { "Version" : "2012-10-17" , "Statement" : [ { "Effect" : "Allow" , "Action" : [ "s3:ListAllMyBuckets" ,