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AWS Cost Optimizations

Consider changing storage class of S3 objects from standard to standard-infrequent access. In total, there are four storage classes in S3, and selecting storage class appropriate to use-case can save costs. Changing storage class of stored objects can be achieved using S3 Life Cycle policies Consider reserving EC2 Instances. Cost savings are huge with reserved instances even when no upfront payments are made. Consider reserving RDS Instances. It can lower down costs significantly. Moreover, no upfront payments are required to reserve instances. If multiple web applications are deployed on multiple ec2 instance and every application is behind a Classic Load Balancer, then consider using Application Load Balancer instead. Application Load Balancer allows host-based routing. Single Application Load Balancer can be used to route traffic to different applications, and it will save costs significantly (since other load balancers can be removed now). Every web application can be part of d