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AWS Cross-Account RDS Backups

It is hard to deny importance of cross-region copies of RDS snapshots. Recovery will be a very difficult process, if not entirely impossible, in case of a disaster as small as un-availability of AWS region. However, even cross-region copies of backups are not sufficient. What if AWS Account credentials gets compromised? Or some employee goes rogue and deletes snapshots? These scenarios are not unheard of [1]. In any case, it is good idea to have off-site backups. Backup is not a backup if it is not in a completely separate location. Over AWS, these off-site backups can be snapshots stored in entirely different AWS Account. Unfortunately, AWS does not have service which you can use to create and store backups in different account. But it is trivial to set it up yourself using scripts or Lambdas. Creating manual snapshots and saving these snapshots in completely different AWS account will ensure data recovery in majority of disaster scenarios. And this process can be automated easily us