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Scan for Security Vulnerabilities via Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector can be used to scan ec2-instances for security vulnerabilities. There are multiple rules packages which scans for different issues. For example, Inspector can scan for vulnerabilities reported at CVE. Inspector can also confirm if ec2-instances are following recommended security configurations (can check if root login is disabled e.t.c.). Amazon Inspector can be a good first step to make infrastructure more secure and to make sure that all targets are correctly patched. In order to use Amazon Inspector, you need to install Inspector agent on ec2-instance. Log into ec2-instance using private key and run following commands. wget https: // curl -O https: // sudo bash install  Tag ec2-instances. For example, add tag of 'Name' with value of 'Demo Inspector' to all ec2-instances which you want to scan. On AWS web management console, go to 'Amazon