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Practice Questions - AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Certification

These are some of the practice questions from the e-book which is available on Amazon : 1.        Name of S3bucket must be unique: a)        Within your AWS Account b)       Across all your AWS Accounts c)        Within a region d)       Globally across all AWS Accounts 2.        Which of following can be used as storage class for S3: (Select all that apply) a)        S3 - Standard Infrequent b)       Amazon Glacier c)        Storage Gateway d)       EBS e)       Dynamo DB 3.        S3 replicates all objects: a)        On multiple devices within availability zone b)       In multiple availability zones within a region c)        Across multiple regions to achieve higher durability and availability d)       On a single device 4.        You have successfully launched an ec2 instance in VPC and have also downloaded the Private key which you will use to access instance via SSH. What else do you need to do to access the instance? a)        Add

AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Exam

I recently passed Amazon Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam and decided to write about it. Exam covers wide range of services offered by Amazon and will test if candidates can design scalable and fault-tolerant solution. It is not a very difficult exam but it does cover a large number of topics. In this post, I will try to consolidate all the information that one might need to prepare for the exam. I will also write another blog post with practice questions to help you test your knowledge. Exam Format: The exam contains 60 multiple choice questions and total duration of exam is 80 minutes.   This is more than enough time to answer questions. A significant number of questions will have more than one correct answer and all correct answers need to be selected to get credit. Question statement mentions the number of correct answers which needs to be selected. Blue Print: Here is the link to the Blue Print of exam by AWS. Sample Questions: Here is the link to seven